Who are we

Founded almost 10 years ago, the company BlackBearing is today a leading supplier of bearings and components for sport activities.

After a good experience and recognition with individuals, the BlackBearing components became quickly important for stores, workshops and several brands. The company was known first in France and later on all over Europe and the rest of the world.


The two founders, Garlan and Youenn are passionated in sport, especially in cycling,

In this field, they practice mountain bike, road bike, cycle-cross, BMX racing and track cycling; in competition or spare-time. 


In addition to their studies and their professional activities in the industry, mechanics and trade, they were interested in the components of their bikes and particularly in the mechanical parts of it.


Soon, they were interested into the bearings that did not give totally satisfaction. With their experience, expertise and field practice, they selected the best parts to have reliable, efficient and adapted bearings for each practice, whether intensive or spare-time.

Then, they turned to other components such as tools, derailleur hangers…


Today, with their knowledge of the market and his business partners, it allows them to offer bearings for all kind of activities (OEM : original equipment manufacturer / after market).


Before commercialization, the BlackBearing products got a long process of material selection and field-testing.

Selecting a BlackBearing component is choosing reliability and performance!